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Ann Margaret Johns

About The Author

Ann is a Clarkston, Michigan native and Certified Public Accountant who has traveled the world. She is a passionate writer who writes from her experiences. Her creative non-fiction work is well researched, entertaining and heart felt. She expresses real life experiences in a way that is very relatable.

Ann spends her free time giving a second chance to well loved items by refurbishing them into repurposed homegoods. She enjoys gardening, drinking wine and loves lake-living with her two cats, Crosby and Miso.

Clarkston's Curse: One Child's Quest to Explain the Series of Tragedies in Her Hometown

Clarkston's Curse

Based on actual events,

Clarkston’s Curse is the compelling true story of a child growing up in a small town plagued by tragedy.

Fleeing the violence and uncertainty of Detroit and big city living, Ann Margaret’s family moved to Clarkston, Michigan, population 1,024. But this sleepy town has a dark side. Between 1969 and 1982, more than forty unexplained accidents and incomprehensible murders struck residents of this rural community.

A true story of mystery, murder, family, and friendship, Clarkston’s Curse is a first-hand account of what it was like to grow up in the 1960s and 70s in a small town where tragedy struck with unsettling frequency. More than forty families are forever changed, and thirty people – young and old – didn’t survive to tell their tale. Ann did.

The pages of CLARKSTON’S CURSE: ONE CHILD’S QUEST TO EXPLAIN THE SERIES OF TRAGEDIES IN HER HOMETOWN riveted me to my chair. Not only because of the mind-boggling number or types of fatalities that occurred, but because all of the stories in this well-written memoir by Ann Margaret Johns are true. A page-turner? Yes!

“it was amazing”

Laurie Buchanan​

I feel like I went along with this author on her story. I did think there was some bad and good in it. Overall, I think it was well written. It touched my heart because I had a high school friend I lost. I think in some places in this book I would’ve liked a little more detail as to how things happened but not bad. *This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.*

“​Really liked it”


I was really excited to read this book about the small town that I live in. It was really interesting to hear about all of the past events that occurred. What I loved most was reading about places that I know and love.

“​liked it”


I thoroughly enjoyed this woman’s journey through a time in her life when things were going awry in her small town. Her attention to the events in the burg and the retelling of them as they’re interwoven into her own story is engaging and delightful. I highly recommend the read!

“​it was amazing”


I was intrigued with the hometown details of mysterious events in Clarkston. Having grown up under the veil of strange occurrences myself on the outskirts of the village not far from Ann, made them all the more strange.

“​liked it”

Lori Taylor

Other Books

Coming Soon

Crosby Series of Children's Books

Based on the true stories of Crosby the Cat, the Crosby series of books are young reader chapter books, featuring a delightful cast of characters that live in the small village of Willow Cove.

The first book introduces Crosby, an adorable kitten born with poor eyesight. The first book in the series explains how Crosby comes to find a hidden pouch sewn into his fur.

(click here to see a picture of the real Crosby and his hidden pouch).

Dr. Spencer, MMF, is a medical-mixologist-fixtologist (which is a fancy way to say he is a pharmacist who makes potions and fixes stuff) that adopts Crosby. Crosby uses his hidden pouch to deliver Dr. Spencyr’s magic potions to the folks of Willow Cove who find themselves in all kinds of crazy situations.

Children and adults alike will relate to many of the silly predicaments Crosby and the folks of Willow Cove find themselves in. From getting glasses, the meaning of friendship, being afraid of the dark, learning to swim, a trip to the dentist, and much more.

Counting Steps

When Ann Margaret found herself the primary caregiver for her mother with dementia, she knew she needed help. Finding over 30,000 books available on Alzheimer’s just on Amazon alone, she spent years reading and researching. Compelled to help others facing a similar situation, Ann Margaret took the best of what she learned and wrote her story.

Join Ann Margaret and her mother Pat on their journey with Alzheimer’s. Their story entertains like fiction while providing valuable insight into this terrible disease. A must-read for anyone who is faced with caring for a loved one experiencing cognitive decline. The pages of this book are filled with a plethora of information regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s behaviors, caregiving, nursing home decision, and more.
Counting Steps is Ann Margaret’s second non-fiction book and will not disappoint. Her first Book, Clarkston’s Curse, is a gold medal winner.

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Gift For You

On Ann’s 8th birthday her aunt gave her a very special gift, a handwritten short story about Ann’s grandmother and her two cats. The story has been shared with Ann’s children and countless others.
With the help of some royalty free art she created this ebook that you might enjoy and share it as well.