Ann Margaret Johns

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Counting Steps

Counting Steps

When Ann Margaret found herself the primary caregiver for her mother with dementia, she knew she needed help. Finding over 30,000 books available on Alzheimer’s just on Amazon alone, she spent years reading and researching. Compelled to help others facing a similar situation, Ann Margaret took the best of what she learned and wrote her story.

Join Ann Margaret and her mother Pat on their journey with Alzheimer’s. Their story entertains like fiction while providing valuable insight into this terrible disease. A must-read for anyone who is faced with caring for a loved one experiencing cognitive decline. The pages of this book are filled with a plethora of information regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s behaviors, caregiving, nursing home decision, and more.
Counting Steps is Ann Margaret’s second non-fiction book and will not disappoint. Her first Book, Clarkston’s Curse, is a gold medal winner.



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Gift For You

On Ann’s 8th birthday her aunt gave her a very special gift, a handwritten short story about Ann’s grandmother and her two cats. The story has been shared with Ann’s children and countless others.
With the help of some royalty free art she created this ebook that you might enjoy and share it as well.