Ann Margaret Johns

The Clarkston’s Curse

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  • A series of dark events descend upon the small community, causing some of the residents to feel like they are living under a curse.
  • The people of Clarkston, Michigan, are different.
  • They KNEW that they’d been cursed, and spend their days trying to survive the evil that has befallen them.

Dr. Spencyr, MMF, is a medical-mixologist-fixtologist….a fancy name for a pharmacist who makes potions and fixes stuff.

  • Crosby is the protagonist. An orange tabby cat born with poor eyesight that results in him getting hurt, he awakes from emergency surgery to find he has a hidden pouch sewn into his fur.
  • Crosby uses his hidden pouch to hide Dr. Spencyr’s magic potions and deliver them to various characters of Willow Cove who find themselves in all kinds of crazy predicaments.


5 reviews for The Clarkston’s Curse

  1. Aly

    I feel like I went along with this author on her story. I did think there was some bad and good in it. Overall, I think it was well written. It touched my heart because I had a high school friend I lost. I think in some places in this book I would’ve liked a little more detail as to how things happened but not bad. *This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.*

  2. buchanan

    The pages of CLARKSTON’S CURSE: ONE CHILD’S QUEST TO EXPLAIN THE SERIES OF TRAGEDIES IN HER HOMETOWN riveted me to my chair. Not only because of the mind-boggling number or types of fatalities that occurred, but because all of the stories in this well-written memoir by Ann Margaret Johns are true. A page-turner? Yes!

  3. Renee

    I thoroughly enjoyed this woman’s journey through a time in her life when things were going awry in her small town. Her attention to the events in the burg and the retelling of them as they’re interwoven into her own story is engaging and delightful. I highly recommend the read!

  4. Jessica

    I was really excited to read this book about the small town that I live in. It was really interesting to hear about all of the past events that occurred. What I loved most was reading about places that I know and love.

  5. Scott Podgorski

    Ill be honest, I haven’t read the book but would desperately like too. Im from clarkston michigan. I probably know some of these stories. The deaths havnt stopped. The curse is still here. Im fairly certain I know what may be a cause or partial cause. Satanism. Ive never been more serious in my life. 4585 waldon rd. Was my childhood address. MAP that. There is evil in these swamps. I swear. Demons or something. I dont know , but im trying desperately to GET OUT OF THIS TOWN! I could write my own book on the things ive experienced in this den of satan.

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On Ann’s 8th birthday her aunt gave her a very special gift, a handwritten short story about Ann’s grandmother and her two cats. The story has been shared with Ann’s children and countless others.
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